Super Bowl Program Ready for Game Day

Super Bowl program collectors will be adding a new edition to their collection.

The official Super Bowl XLIV program has been available for days now, even before the confetti had landed in the AFC and NFC Championship games.

The league has the program cover and most of the contents ready long before February, but once again there will be a couple of different variations.

The stadium version includes the team names and logo on the front and won’t have the bar code that enables the program to be sold virtually anywhere.

This year’s program boasts more than a dozen features that capture the spectacle of the NFL and the Super Bowl. Relive the Chiefs’ stunning upset of Minnesota in Super Bowl IV and the Cleveland Browns’ spectacular entrance into the league. Learn why receivers are becoming the new darlings of the Super Bowl and how John Madden plans to enjoy this year’s game.

There is a look at pro football’s all-time craziest characters and the select father-son combinations who have played in a Super Bowl. There’s a story on the thrills seen in recent Super Bowl fourth quarters and an explanation into the thinking that goes into hiring coaches who have Super Bowl experience.

{mosimage}With the Super Bowl being held in South Florida for a record 10th time, the NFL takes an in-depth look at what makes this such a prime location for the game as well as the wealth of NFL talent that pours out of the region. Those who remember the Dolphins’ perfect season will be able to read an interview with Hall of Famer Bob Griese, the quarterback of that great team.

A week-by-week summary of the 2009 season is offered, culminating with the Saints and Colts set to collide in Miami on Sunday. There also will be several pages highlighting the host region and the many activities scheduled for Super Week and on game-day.

Collectors who attend the game or drop by the stadium to buy programs will be hoping for a clear day. When the last Super Bowl was played in Miami, heavy rains in the area ruined or damaged a large number of programs that were carried out of the stadium by fans.

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