Super Bowl, Championship Rings on Auction Block

Goldin Auctions is offering collectors the chance to slip their fingers into more than a dozen football championship and Super Bowl rings including one from “the greatest game ever played” and another marking the first 2012 Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl XLVII player ring to be available at auction. These items, as well as more than 1,000 other lots will be open for bidding in their Winter Auction from Jan. 13-Feb. 7.

The Super Bowl XLVII Ring comes from former Ravens’ running back Damien Berry, a free agent from the University of Miami who was a member of the Ravens from 2011-13. The 1958 Baltimore Colts NFL Championship Ring was originally awarded to Colts defensive back and kick returner Leonard Lyles.  It is engraved with his name and uniform number and includes paperwork of the sales transaction from the Lyles family.

NFL Championship Rings

Other prominent rings available in the auction include: 2000 Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl XXXV player (Jamie Sharper) ring; 1969 K.C. Chiefs Super Bowl IV player ring (Andy Rice, who was lost to Cincinnati in the expansion draft); three Super Bowl rings (XVI, XXIV, XXIX) from former S.F. 49ers great RC Owens; a 2004 N.E. Patriots Super Bowl XXXIX ring; and several other championship rings and trophies including Jamal Lewis’ 20000 Ravens Super Bowl Trophy.