Super Bowl Appraisal Fair Runs the Gamut

Hunt Auctions will join forces with the NFL for the annual Super Bowl auction next Saturday.  In the meantime, they’ve been holding an appraisal fair, offering fans who can make it to Dallas the chance to see what those items they’ve had stashed away at home are worth.

Sometimes, they’re worthwhile.  Other times not.  Sometimes the owners choose to put them in the auction.  Other times, they take them back home.

Namath paintingEvery time those events take place, though, some interesting items come through the door.

In Dallas, a Joe Namath painting signed in…lipstick…was one.

A former NFL player brought in a couple of Super Bowl rings and had them appraised.  Even the mayor of Irving, Texas was apparently a football card collector at some point.

The Dallas Morning News stopped by for a story–and also offered additional photos of the sports card and memorabilia show inside the NFL Experience.