Sun-Times Shows Sold to Dreams Inc.

Fast-moving Dreams, Inc. has snapped up a hobby entity, this time venturing into the show market to grab one of the hobby’s longest running events.

Dreams, Inc. (AMEX:DRJ), has announced that it has acquired the long-running Chicago Sun-Times Show from George Johnson of Sports News Productions, Inc. As part of the deal, Dreams will take control of running the two shows, which take place in November and March each year.

Dreams says Johnson will stay on as a consultant for Dreams for at least five years to help run the shows. Mounted Memories, the wholesale division of Dreams, Inc., has worked with Johnson on the shows for more than 15 years, and had an exclusive on providing the athletes for the autograph pavilion.

“George has been a driving force for these shows and has done an amazing job making it the best show in the country,” said Mitch Adelstein, President of Mounted Memories. “Our company has been instrumental in building the show up to where it is today, and we look forward to taking it to the next level.”

Last month, Dreams purchased Schwartz Sports, a large Chicago-based sports autograph and memorabilia outlet.

“We’re thrilled to work with Brian Schwartz and his team on the Chicago Sun-Times Show,” added Adelstein. “Brian and his team did all of the initial work regarding the purchasing of the show and after Dreams purchased Brian’s company, the next logical step was the purchase of the Chicago Sun-Times show.”

“The purchase of the Chicago Sun-Times Show was a natural progression for our company,” said Ross Tannenbaum, CEO of Dreams Inc. “We are continuing to diversify and unify this fragmented marketplace through strategic acquisitions, and we look forward to leveraging our considerable Chicago based assets to increase the show’s attendance and profitability.”

Can’t make the show?  You can order autographed items here: .