Suit Filed to Stop Indy Memorabilia Sale

As former Indiana University football coach Lee Corso might say…not so fast, my friend.

It’s all for sale.

The Indianapolis Colts’ lockers, the turf, the yardmarkers…even the yardlines are being offered as the RCA Dome gets ready to meet the wrecking ball.

The auction and sale were announced last week, with proceeds directed toward the Colts’ charitable organization and another non-profit group which tries to lure other big-time sports to the city. That bit of news hit some taxpayers below the belt. They say they footed the bill for the old barn–and are still paying for it. They’d like to see the money generated by the memorabilia to be returned to John Q. Public.

Can you say lawsuit?

The Indianapolis Star breaks down what could become a dicey situation. They’ve even got a copy of the legal papers.