Strongsville Show Has a Long History

It was huge in the late 1970s and 80s, died off a bit later on but has returned to being one of the hobby’s staples.  The Ohio Sports Collectors Convention, better known simply as ‘Strongsville’ returns to the Cleveland area this weekend.

Strongsville showThe three-day events has some autograph guests including Trent Richardson and Sam McDowell, but the stars of this show are the vintage sports cards and memorabilia that line virtually every dealer’s table.

The show is a bit of a throwback.  It’s not an event for those whose primary goal is looking for hits in brand new product.

The Strongsville show attracts dealers from many different states and the focus is on pre-1980s material.  The older, the better.  If you are looking to fill out a vintage set, find some Hall of Famers, a T206 or two or some old game used bats, someone can probably help you.

About 50 dealers are expected to set up in one of the hotel’s ballrooms for the show, which is held every April.

The show got a local boost with this story in the News-Herald.