Strasburg Mania In Full Force

It was impressive.  Somehow Stephen Strasburg’s performance surpassed the hype.  14 strikeouts.  No walks and a win in his big league debut.

Major League Baseball, Topps, eBay sellers and fantasy baseball owners were giddy.    The Late Show with David Letterman got him to to the Top Ten List on tonight’s broadcast.

The guy who tossed back his first gopher ball?  Probably not feeling quite so proud after hearing what the ball might be worth if Strasburg has a long career.

Topps wasted no time putting out a collection of Strasburg autographed items on its website.  The company has an exclusive arrangement with the Washington Nationals’ pitching phenom.  It’ll cost you $275 for a signed ball.

Strasburg strikeout ballOr, you could bid in an auction for game-used memorabilia from his debut.  The ball that recorded his second strikeout is already over $5,000.  You can bid on a base from the first five innings, a signed jersey, a resin bag and even his ‘cleat cleaner’.

His rookie cards are soaring but one piece of memorabilia was willingly given up by a fan.  The first home run ball surrendered by Strasburg was tossed back onto the Nats’ Park field in the tradition of the Wrigley Field faithful.

If he does have a long career, that could be something worth owning. The 23-year-old fan claims his duty as a Washington fan rose above all else and those sitting around him agreed according to this post by the D.C. Sports Blogger.  They may not have checked the current market before speaking.