Start-Up Site Offers Interactive Collection Home

Collection Quest joins the ranks of sites which allow you to maintain your card inventory online. claims to have identified the critical need of most avid and part-time collectors; an ability to track your collection at anytime, anywhere, online. In addition to showing it off, you can document it, blog about it and also buy, sell, and trade for other items you want to add.

The privately held company located north of Kansas City, Missouri is run by a group of avid collectors who say they want to be able to help collectors all over the world.

The site will soon be in Beta testing and is looking for collectors who test drive it. Among the services available:

Inventory your collectibles online
Track your antique, art, autograph, baseball card, comic book, coin, music, pez, poster, stamp, star wars, trading card game, and video game collection(s) with what the company says is an easy-to-use inventory system.

800 types of collectibles can be inventoried at present, with more to follow. Sports card, action figure, and trading card game collectors will find pre-defined sets for ease in tracking their collections. They also promise pre-defined Grading & Condition scales.

Buy, sell, and trade with like-minded collectors
The company offers a browse and search system, designed to match up your needs and wants with those like-minded collectors looking to sell and trade their own items.

Create Want-Lists
Collectors can create want lists that other collectors can help fulfill.

CollectionQuest will also offer the opportunity to create a collector profile to share with others, blog about your collecting experiences, comment on other collectors profiles and collections, share images of your collections and more. is currently looking for collectors interested in getting a head-start on their service during its testing program.