Stan the Man Makes Dad’s Day

The stories of his warmth and generosity are numbered in the thousands.  Virtually every person who has ever met…or even been in close proximity to Stan Musial, has something good to say about the experience.

Saturday Evening Post Stan MusialDemands for his autograph are such, though, that he does a thriving business making them available to collectors and fans via mail order.

Eight years ago, in Belleville, Illinois, a commuter’s distance from the city, Terry Mackin ordered an autographed poster-sized reproduction of the famous Saturday Evening Post cover that featured Musial back in the 1950s.

Cardinals baseball is a hobby Mackin shares with his family.

When the poster arrived, though, the frame it was in had cracked during shipment.  He asked to return it and decided to bring it by the company offices rather than ship it back.

That’s when the story became a terrific column he wrote for the Belleville News-Democrat.