Stadium Wrap: Dirt Sells, Fans Arrested

The scoreboard read:

Yankees 7 Orioles 3 Arrests 18

18 fans were arrested Sunday for attempting to score some free souvenirs from Yankee Stadium.

Some brought sharp-edged instruments to scrape away a little paint or concrete from the facade. Another actually snuck onto the field disguised as a grounds crew member with plans to steal a base–literally–before the ruse was discovered. He was carted off along with 17 others, including two middle-aged men who thought they’d like to have a sign that read "Beer $8.50".

Judges were relatively kind to those dragged in by police. All were released without bail.

Meanwhile, the certified souvenirs were moving on eBay, with Steiner Sports-approved vials of genuine Yankee Stadium dirt selling for $50 and up in many cases. Final game programs were bringing $30 and more.

On its own website, Steiner is offering a 30-by-18-inch piece of the center field scoreboard for $699 and a 10-by-10-foot hunk of blue carpet with the Yankees logo from the clubhouse for $10,000.

If your bathroom might be in need of some remodeling, five glass 31-by-60-inch shower stall doors from the clubhouse with Yankee logos, are available for $2,000 apiece.

The New York Daily News obtained a list of items the city says the taxpayers own: the Stadium structure, the seats, foul poles, the public-bathroom fixtures (urinals, toilets, sinks), various signs, water fountains, light fixtures, elevators, ticket counters, ticket booths, flagpoles, the giant concrete bat outside the Stadium and the letters on the outside facade.

According to the News, the Yankees "appear to be claiming everything else, including the dirt, the sod, home and away lockers, home and away dugouts (including benches), home and away showers and fixtures, bases and home plate, the backstop and the scoreboards."

Negotiations for final terms on the shared revenue agreement are still taking place.