Sports Memorabilia With a Purpose

They’re not fun places to be.  A state’s attorney asks tough questions of witnesses–and victims.  It’s part of the job but it can be an intimidating, depressing and frightening place for some.  Dario Broccolino, the man who asks such questions in Howard County, Md.,  has come up with a novel way to help make those who come in feel more at ease.  He’s turned the office into a little sports memorabilia museum.

sports memorabiliaThe autographed pictures and other items aren’t his.  They belong to a longtime friend, Matthew Celozzi, a Baltimore psychologist who has one of the better collections in the area.

The framed pieces of Babe Ruth, Cal Ripken, Joe Frazier, Earl Weaver and others have been up for barely a year, but it’s already lightened the place up and helped break the ice on more than one occasion.

Like any collector, Celozzi had concerns about the safety of loaning some of his best pieces, but worries about items being stolen while on public display fade away pretty quickly.

“I told him how secure the place was,”  Broccolino recalled to the Baltimore Sun, which took a look at the collection– and it’s purpose– and published this story over the weekend.