Sports Memorabilia Store Owner Doing What He Loves

It takes a little research, a decent bank account and a lot of hard work in and out of the store. But one New Jersey shop owner has created a successful business that keeps collectors happy.

Building a successful sports card and memorabilia shop has been a lot of labor for Neil Goldman, owner of Goldy’s Sports. But it’s a labor of love. He changed career paths a couple of times, but turning his hobby into a business has been a good thing.

He’s brought in approximately $250,000 in revenue this year and hopes to do $300,000 to $350,000 in 2007. This year’s holiday sales were up.

But making money isn’t easy. "To survive in this business, you can’t just sit in the store and hope people walk in the door," Goldman said. He still attends memorabilia shows to sell his goods, and sells over the Internet, too.

Along the way he hasn’t forgotten that baseball cards are supposed to be a kid’s hobby too. The full story from the Asbury Park Press.