Sports Memorabilia on the Block at Ozzie Smith’s

His restaurant is going out of business so Ozzie Smith has turned the collectors items inside over to an auction.

His gold gloves won’t be sold. Neither will his World Series rings. Still, there are plenty of other items up for grabs this weekend when a St. Louis auction company sells off the contents of Ozzie Smith’s restaurant.

After 21 years in business, Ozzie’s shut its doors last Friday, apparently another victim of competition and economic conditions.

The restaurant’s management group has contracted with BCL Auctions to conduct a two-day sale of virtually everything that was inside the restaurant. Day one will include the kitchen items and non-baseball related furnishings.

Day two, Sunday, will be for fans and collectors. Ozzie’s had signed photos, jerseys and other sports memorabilia hanging on the walls and on display.

Read the story and check out the video courtesy of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.