Sports Memorabilia Dealers Talk Hobby Issues


The Premier Collectible Conference & Exhibition wasn’t held this spring.  Last year’s inaugural event in Chicago will be the last until spring of 2010. 

If you didn’t make the 2009 conference–which was billed as a different kind of sports memorabilia show–you can now catch part of it online.

The highlight of the show wasn’t the actual buying and selling.  Some important hobby issues were addressed in the panel discussions that occurred over the course of three days.  If you’re serious about the hobby–or just want to learn more about how auction house reps go about their business, get answers from graders or authenticators or just get to know some of the names you see online, do yourself a favor and make time to watch some of the videos, now available on YouTube.

You’ll need a lot of time to watch them all–each one runs close to ten minutes or more–but it’s worth catching one or two per day.