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Sports Guy Returns to the National

There’s no doubt about it.

Bill Simmons is a memorabilia guy.

Table after table of vintage baseball cards don’t get the popular “Sports Guy” of fame going when he goes to the National Sports Collectors Convention.

What he loves are the vintage, unusual, historic, absurd, silly, nutty and improbable pieces that dot the landscape of the exhibit hall.  After making his virgin trip to the show when it was in Cleveland in 2009, Simmons gave the NSCC a huge publicity jolt with his photo essay that poked fun at the hobby while appreciating what a lot of collectors have known for years.

It’s just fun.

Now one of the driving forces behind, Simmons returns to the big show yet again with some more can’t miss commentary and a huge photo gallery.  Check it out.

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Rich is the editor and founder of Sports Collectors Daily. A broadcaster and writer for more than 30 years and a collector for even longer than that, he's usually typing something somewhere. Type him back at [email protected].

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