Sports Collectors Daily Launches Social Network

Collect. Connect.

Sign on to the social network launched strictly for sports collectors. Like the mothership you’re now surfing, it’s free.


While the modern sports card show may struggle to recapture the old days, when the buying and selling were good but the networking was great, there’s a new way to connect with your fellow collectors, dealers and hobby contacts.

Sports Collectors Daily has just launched a social networking website under the same name. In partnership with, the network offers collectors the opportunity to join specific groups related to their collecting interest, share photos or videos and participate in discussions about anything related to the sports card and memorabilia hobby/industry. Ask a question. Share your best find. Take members inside your hobby room and show us your collection of cards, old baseball jerseys or vintage photos. Holding a card show? Add it to the events calendar.

You can join the four groups which have been set up: vintage sports cards, modern sports cards, sports memorabilia and autographs. Or, you can invite friends and colleagues to join a group you create that might be more narrowly focused.

It’s all interactive. It’s all free. It’s also a little quiet since the network has just been launched, so it’s important that you not only register but invite your friends and colleagues to join as well. We think it’s a concept that’s been sorely lacking in the hobby and we’re anxious to get the ball rolling.

Here’s the link: