Sports Collecting Social Network

Meet your colleagues and friends online–and make some new ones.  Show off your stuff.  It’s all part of our newly-launched sports collecting social network. 


All hobbies are kind of ‘social’ in nature. You interact to build your collection, seek out others with the same interest and share some opinions, ideas, knowledge and whatever else might pop into your head.

Internet message boards have been great for that–quickly replacing letter-writing as a much more efficient way to connect. Other sites include the ability to sort of build your own little home within a community. While they sprouted on college campuses, there are now millions of people hanging out on MySpace and Facebook these days. It’s how a lot of people connect–and find others with whom they’ve lost touch. And while there are a few sports collecting groups that have popped up, the two sites are really not targeted for those in the sports memorabilia industry.

Enter our new satellite site–a social network for sports collectors. We hope you’ll sign up. it’s totally free and a very cool way to find others who have the same interests, share some pictures and video, promote a card show, ask others about hobby happenings and events and communicate via message boards and chat space. Social networking is hot. In fact, our host––has over 230,000 of them.

Send the link to your friends and colleagues who might not be regular Sports Collectors Daily readers. I look forward to meeting all of you!