Sports Card Reviews Our New Year’s Resolution

Hopefully you’ve noticed some sports card product reviews on our pages over the last few days.  Several new issues were released in the last few weeks of 2009 and you can read a little about what they have inside right now.

It’s something I’ve been wanting to add for awhile and thanks to our friend Rich Klein–and the card companies–we’re going to go full steam ahead.  As many of you know, Rich worked at Beckett for a number of years.  He knows the game inside and out and he’s a strong voice in the hobby.  We’re going to give you a breakdown of what was inside each box, to make sure the companies deliver what they promise and Rich will add some insight as well.  It’s just a first look at what has been released so you know what to expect when you consider making a purchase.

This is a really interesting time in the hobby, with the licensing changes and new products hitting the market.  Some of the products, like Topps Triple Threads for instance, have been around long enough now to have a bit of a following.  We know the card companies are trying to make sure that everything that enters the hobby is of good quality because all it takes is one bad experience to sour a potential new collector.  Hopefully, they’ll not only come through, but make good on their promises to make collecting more understandable and attractive to those folks who are sports fans–but not necessarily collectors.  Of course, it’s also important that current collectors find enough value and fun inside those packages to keep buying them.

Rich’s job is to get the reviews into the pages of Sports Collectors Daily as quickly as possible and he’s already delivering on that promise.  Enjoy the coverage–and the rest of the weekend.