Sports Artists Not Always Starving

It’s reputed to be a $4 billion a year business. No wonder sports artists are glad to grab the easel, paint and brushes when a big time sports league comes calling.

We also found one artist who paints NHL greats–naked?

Not every sports artist makes a fortune. Most paint, draw or create what they like because of their passion for the games and the creative process.

Yet one big break can turn a hobby into a lucrative business. The exposure can’t be beat considering the venues and the comparative wealth of those who collect orginal works like the rest of us collect baseball cards.

Several sports artists have had their day in the sun and Daniel Grant of says they are continuing to create pieces that put sports most memorable moments and personalities in a new light.

Meanwhile, there’s an artist who has done some really nice paintings of Boston Bruins’ greats Bobby Orr and Derek Sanderson–without, um, their uniforms on. And no, they didn’t pose.

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