Spence Testifies at PA Dealer’s Trial

A Pennsylvania dealer accused of selling resealed wax packs and fake autographs on eBay is standing trial more than two years after his arrest.

Roger Hooper, 49, is alleged to have sold hundreds of non-genuine items to collectors across the country.

wax packsHe’s accused of doing so while using the account of a man who once considered him a friend. Ned Kerstetter claims after dozens of complaints, Hooper stopped refunding money.

Kerstetter claims he used thousands of dollars of his own to rectify many of the issues raised by irate buyers. Hooper is charged with deceptive business practices, theft by deception and dealing in proceeds of unlawful activity for transactions that took place in 2005.

The Patriot-Ledger covered Kerstetter’s testimony and also offered a recap of  autograph authenticator James Spence who told the court that even the 500 home run club baseball Hooper gave Kerstetter in exchange for use of the eBay account was a phony.