Soldier Finds Card Sorting a Huge Help After Brain Injury

The next time someone says baseball cards are worthless, we have a story for you to show them.  In fact, it might be the start of an entirely new respect for cardboard that used to be labeled ‘overproduced’ or “junk”.

Thanks to the generosity and caring of the House of Cards, the cradle of Sports Collectors Daily sponsor Huggins & Scott Auctions, a U.S. Army soldier is getting some important rehab after suffering a brain injury.

Brian Keaton (L) and Ricky Huggins/Gazette Photo

Brian Keaton (L) and Ricky Huggins/Gazette Photo

Sgt. 1st Class Brian Keaton Sr. was a card collector and huge baseball fan who was hurt after a bomb exploded during one of his deployments in Iraq.  Two years ago, he came to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center looking for the occupational therapy he needed.

Ordinary methods weren’t keeping him motivated so after a chat with a doctor, Keaton came to the shop, located near his apartment, looking for some cards he could sort. The activity, doctors said, might help the damaged part of his brain.

Ricky Huggins of House of Cards, empathized with the man who quickly became a friend.  He turned over thousands of cards—at no charge—and Keaton began to go through them.

It’s a long, slow process of recovery, but the story baseball cards are playing in Sgt. Keaton’s recovery is inspiring and its success may spur more cardboard prescriptions.  Read more in The Gazette.