SoCal Man’s Cards for House Trade Offer Still Open

He hasn’t made a deal yet, but the man looking to swap what he says is a valuable vintage baseball card collection for a new house, is getting a few offers.

At 57, Clyde Bone is ready settle down with his new fiancee. He just needs a house. And he’s ready to trade his baseball card collection to get it.

The southern California resident put an ad on Craigs List last month, looking for someone with property–or the right amount of cash. He got some attention for the offer, but so far, no deal has been made.

Bone is still trying, though. He says he’s flexible and he says it’s not his new love interest who is making him get rid of the cards, which include numerous Mickey Mantle cards and other stars. He says they’re worth $500,000 and he’s not asking nearly that much in a trade.

David Moye has the scoop–and a picture of the happy couple.

You can also watch a story about the former sports card store owner’s collection via San Diego’s Fox TV affiliate, which paid him a visit: