Snake Oil Here!

In the ‘why doesn’t this surprise me’ department….

Here’s a recent post from the forum:

"I just contacted a pro sports agent that is also an attorney about getting a game used jersey from one of his clients who is a tampa bay Buc. I was told this "Why don’t you just go to NFL shop, customize one and say it was game worn. Nobody will know the difference."

Nice. I’m actually surprised he didn’t offer to do it himself. With a 40% markup of course.


If you like to tear into old, unopened packs, be very, very careful. We received a call about 2 months ago from someone who had bought some of the infamous "Christmas rack packs"..supposedly some kind of special holiday-packaged unopened material from the early 1950s. He then started reading the horror stories about people who had bought them and found out they were likely just re-packaged commons and minor stars–put together at a much later date. He was beside himself and feeling dumb, but he just didn’t have the information needed to make an informed decision.

Those rack packs been selling in the hundreds–even thousands–of dollars to those who don’t know any better. Another sports collecting blogger wrote of some new packs currently being sold in the same fashion. It looks convincing, but I haven’t heard any stories yet about a ’52 Mantle being pulled. Or even a Minnie Minoso.

If you buy any unopened material online and the packs aren’t graded, check to make sure the seller hasn’t purchased large lots of wrappers recently. One common practice is for sellers who buy wrapper lots, put together crude packs with commons they stuff inside and sell them as vintage unopened. Normally, their feedback is private. Gee, I wonder why.

We hate to say that everything that isn’t graded is no good–surely that isn’t true–but with the dollars being what they are–it’s about the only relatively safe way to get what you pay for.