Smart Phone eBay Shopping on the Rise

eBay has unveiled an interesting new tool and some data that reveals an increasing usage of mobile phones among all users, although it would appear ebay iphonethat in the majority of states, sports memorabilia collectors still prefer PCs and laptops.

eBay says U.S. mobile commerce sales increased a whopping 146 percent over last year, with California, Nevada, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Florida leading the way as the top mobile commerce shopping states.

Mobile shopping for the Nov. 22-29 period peaked between 8 and 9 pm. eastern time on Monday.

eBay’s new interactive Mobile Commerce Infographic map allows a look at which categories its shoppers are purchasing from and exactly how much they’re spending.

Mobile Commerce Infographic Map (eBay)

For the week, buyers across the United States spent an average of about $75,000 per day on sports memorabilia purchases.   In California alone on the Monday after Thanksgiving, over $12, 600 was spent, not that much considering the state’s large population of sports collectors.  New York collectors spent  even less via mobile phone–between $2,000 and $10,000 per day.  In less populous states like Montana, mobile phones were used to buy less than $100 of eBay lots nearly each day.

However, even those numbers represent strong growth over the last twelve months.  It reflects increasing consumer adoption of mobile commerce, with eBay mobile expecting to generate more than $1.5 billion in gross merchandise volume in 2010, compared to $600 million in 2009.

”This holiday season’s strong growth speaks for itself: mobile is the future of shopping, and eBay is leading the way,” said Steve Yankovich, vice president, mobile for eBay.

In Canada, collectors used their smart phones to purchase about $4000 worth of eBay sports memorabilia during that week, but on Cyber Monday, they spent over $14,000.

A survey of mobile shoppers in the U.S. conducted for eBay by SmithGeiger LLC shows that over half the people who regularly shop using their phones are comfortable spending over $100 on a mobile purchase, with 14 percent willing to spend over a thousand dollars. On average, according to the survey, mobile shoppers spend over $100 per month on mobile purchases. Earlier this year, an eBay shopper purchased a Mercedes-Benz for $240,000 using their mobile phone.

eBay mobile data demonstrates that the iPhone is the leading mobile platform for eBay shoppers this year, with approximately two-thirds of eBay sales during the holiday week coming from iPhone users. The remaining third was comprised of Android, BlackBerry and mobile web users combined, and where available, Windows Phone 7.