Simmons and Browne at the National

Bill Simmons, author/commentator/blogger and fan of the hobby (in his own way), has been coming to the National Sports Collectors Convention four of the last five years.  Simmons, a New England native, is editor-in-chief of, which is affiliated with ESPN, where he first gained a big audience.  You’ve probably also seen  him during NBA studio shows on television, although he’s gone from that role as of next year and will host a Grantland TV show airing on ESPN.

Bill SimmonsHe’s been posting photo blogs with each successive trip to the National Sports Collectors Convention, giving the show more free publicity among the masses than organizers could have ever dreamed of (in spite of that, the demographics of the show haven’t changed much).

We knew he was in Cleveland this year because 1) he almost  always is and 2) Chris Levy took a selfie with him.

As long as you have a sense of humor and willingness to laugh at some aspects of the show–and yourself just for being a collector– you will spend a hilarious half hour or so with the chronicle of their trip around the floor.

This year, he brought Grantland staff writer Robert Browne along and the two posted a ridiculously massive six-page spread on the items they uncovered and what they saw and did at the I-X Center.

Keep in mind, these guys aren’t exactly traditional collectors and love pop culture almost as much as sports. There are some inside references to their workplace you might not get unless you’re a big fan of the website, but it’s worth your time to lap up their latest effort on the NSCC, which not surprisingly took a little while to put together and just went live on Wednesday.