Silverdome Seats Being Sold; Auction to Come

Barry Sanders ran there.  Bob Lanier rebounded there.  Mick Jagger moved there.  The NFL brought the Super Bowl there, too, but by the turn of the 21st century, the Silverdome was on its way to the stadium scrap heap.

Silverdome SeatsNow, 11 years after the Detroit Lions’ last game, the owners of the Silverdome say they’re gutting it in an online sale and auction.

Triple Investment Group, which bought the stadium from the City of Pontiac, Michigan in 2009 for $583,000, has turned it over to RJM Auctions for a no-reserve online auction of stadium fixtures starting May 12.  In the meantime, they’re selling seats from the stadium here.

There will be a lot of fixtures and non-collector type items but there is a sign from the 1982 Super Bowl and more items to come, according to the auction company.  The facilities manager didn’t promise the auction would include any of Barry Sanders’ old jerseys but there will be “some things that have a memorabilia (value),” Jim Passeno told the Daily Tribune for this story.