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Signed Winter Classic Program Art on Block

From Topps sketch cards to a big time NHL gig, it’s been a good year for Brian Fox.

The art used to create the cover of the 2010 NHL Winter Classic program is up for bid in a charity auction–signed by every member of the two teams.

Commissioned by the league, the painting was done by Brian Fox, whose work has been gaining steam throughout the sports world. You might remember him as the guy responsible for this year’s Topps sketch cards. He was also commissioned to do the official art for the World Series and MLB All-Star game and his time and work is now in demand from private collectors.

Fox is from Somerset, Massachusetts so he took special pride in creating the artwork for the New Year’s Day game at Fenway Park between the Boston Bruins and Philadelphia Flyers.

The painting is being sold on NHL Auctions, according to this story in the Herald News.

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