Signed Strasburg Rookie Card Up to $34,600

Just a couple of weeks after the first big Stephen Strasburg rookie card hit the market, another 1-1 card is on the block.

2010 Bowman Stephen Strasburg 'red' autographed cardThe “red border” autographed Strasburg rookie was pulled from a jumbo box by a Florida collector who decided after a couple of weeks to place it on eBay.

The ten day auction is set to close June 28.

Strasburg mania shows no sign of slowing after the rookie phenom’s first three pitching performances.  He’s struck out 32 batters in just over 19 innings of work.  He’s 2-0 with a 1.68 earned run average.

The Red Autograph Strasburg rookie card already stands at $34,600, almost $18,000 more than the price paid by Robert J. Power of Michigan for the 1-1 Bowman Chrome Superfractor that generated national publicity earlier this month as bidding intensified.  That card wound up going for $16,403.

Friday, Power was a guest on ESPN’s First Take and revealed that he’s sent the card to Beckett Grading and had it insured.   Here’s a link to the auction for the signed Strasburg red auto card.  Most of the bids would appear to be legitimate.