Signed Michael Jordan Rookie Cards Returning in August

Upper Deck hauls out the Fleer name again this summer with an off-season hoops product. Mixed in with the rookies who will be drafted this Thursday are more Michael Jordan autographed 1986-87 Fleer rookie cards.

Fleer Ultra SE Basketball, available in late August, will include more autographed Michael Jordan rookie cards from the 1986-87 Fleer set.

“We have purposely held back a few of these amazing cards for collectors this year,” commented basketball brand manager Jason Masherah. “Recently one of the autographed MJ rookie cards sold on the secondary market for $12,300, making this card one of the highest selling un-graded basketball card ever.”

In addition to the upcoming release of Fleer Ultra, the autographed Michael Jordan rookie cards will or have appeared in the following 2006-07 basketball products: Fleer, Fleer EX, Chronology and Ultimate Collection.

The new Ultra set will have one rookie card and at least one autograph or jersey Autographed Kevin Durant card card per pack, including the return of the Autographics inserts. Fleer Ultra SE Basketball also boasts the debut of autographed basketball cards from young star Kevin Durant.

“The Lucky 13’s insert set will highlight the 13 lottery picks from the 2007 draft class,” said Bill Beaman, Associate Product Manager for Upper Deck. "The design of the cards will make the rookies really stand out in their college uniforms.”

2007-08 Fleer Ultra SE Basketball product breakdown:

Content Highlights:

o One Autograph or Memorabilia Card in Every Pack, on average

o Autographics Returns with On-Card Signatures

o One Rookie in Every Pack, on average

o Two Patch Cards #’d to 25 or Less in Every Case, on average!

o Legendary 13 debuts in 2007-08

o One Lucky 13 per hobby box

Product Breakdown:

Autograph Cards

o Autographics

o Signature Class (# to 50)

Memorabilia Cards

o Ultra Stars Jersey

o Season Crowns Jersey

o Scoring Kings Jersey

o Court Masters Jersey

o Call to the Hall Jersey

o Ultra Jersey (# to 50)

o Heir to the Throne Jersey (# to 199)

o Award Winners Jersey (# to 199)

o One on One Jersey (# to 99)

o Heir to the Throne Patch (# to 25)

o Award Winners Patch (# to 25)

o One on One Patch (# to 10)

Inserts and Parallels

o 200 Card Base Set Platinum Medallion // (# to 25)

o 30 Ultra Premieres Platinum Medallion // (# to 25)

o 13 Lucky 13 Rookies Platinum Medallion // (# to 25)

o 13 Legendary 13 Platinum Medallion // (# to 25)

Regular Cards and Rookies

o 200 Card Base Set

o 30 Ultra Premieres SP

o 13 Lucky 13 Rookies SP

o 13 Legendary 13 SP