Signed Hockey Jerseys Stolen From ex-NHL Coach’s Widow

It’s about as low as you can get.

Monday, NHL friends and family members said goodbye to Pat Burns, who led the New Jersey Devils to the 2003 Stanley Cup.   Just a few hours later, someone broke into his widow’s car and stole about 30 signed hockey jerseys and other items belonging to the couple.

The theft took place in Montreal.

The jerseys represented all 30 teams and were destined to raise money for charity.  Other items stolen  included an iPad, Burns’ watch, his wife’s jewelry and even bedsheets from the hospital.

Along with New Jersey, Burns coached Toronto, Montreal and Boston. He died last week of cancer at age 58.

Family and friends gathered for an informal wake after the funeral at a downtown reception room, swapping stories from his life and career and detectives say it’s possible that those responsible knew the items belonged to the late coach since his wallet was in the vehicle.

Entry was gained by smashing a window.  The car was parked in an outdoor lot and the thefts are believed to have taken place between midnight and 9 a.m. Tuesday.

Robin Burns, a cousin of Pat Burns who delivered the eulogy at his funeral earlier Monday told local media outlets that “whoever it is, they must have no conscience.”

Robin Burns asked that those responsible leave the items with a TV or radio station or with anyone who knows the family — and no questions will be asked.

“If you think you can sell them or do anything about them, then I think the police and the policemen’s brotherhood and friends of Pat might have different ideas,” Burns said of the thief or thieves.