SI King Always Hunting Autographs

A three decades-long obsession with autographs has Scott Smith in constant harmony with his Sharpie and a magazine.

How hard does New Jersey resident Scott Smith work to keep adding autographs to his stock? Hard enough to be willing to go anywhere, anytime to get what he wants.

The Pompton Plains, New Jersey resident has been collecting signed Sports Illustrated magazines since the 1980s. He’s also built it into a business.

Smith has had up-close encounters with everyone from President Reagan to Bruce Jenner. He’s gotten to know Michael Jordan, spent time with Muhammad Ali and tracked down swimsuit models now in their 60s.

He’s currently offering his entire run of some 10,000 signed SIs for $2 million on eBay–if only to attract interest in the rest of what he’s selling.

He shared some of his autograph secrets for this three-page story on–including a willingness to track an NBA team’s flight plan.