Show Promoter-Dealer Laments Hobby Direction

Those wild and crazy days of the late 1980s and early 1990s are not coming back.

Those old enough to do so can recall the 2,000+ shows that used to be listed the hobby publications each month that have dwindled to several dozen.

50-cent packs are gone and you’re not likely to find baseball cards on supermarket shelves anymore.

You’ll also need a lot more than three binders to hold each manufacturer’s sets for the year.

Hobby shop owners have to compete with something old timers never imagined–something called ‘the internet’.

No, it’s a new era. Dealers and show promoters find ways to hang on.

The hobby may not be quite as dead as some media members make it out to be, but if you’d like a trip down memory lane and hear what Mike Leon of S&B Promotions in Pennsylvania thinks happened to the hobby, you can check out this story.