Show Organizer, Ex-Agent: Dykstra Blew Us Off

Retirement hasn’t been graceful for former Met and Phillie Lenny Dykstra.  An assortment of legal problems and bad deals have been left in the wake of a downward spiral.  His latest misstep was blowing off an autograph signing at a Philadelphia area card show last weekend.  While fans aren’t that keen on Dykstra, some still appreciate his contributions to the Phils’ 1993 NL Championship team and needed his autograph to fill out a team signed bat or ball.  He hasn’t been the easiest signature to get.

What got in the way?  Apparently, a celebrity boxing match against Jose Canseco that also never came to be.  Dykstra bailed out the Wednesday before the show, leaving the organizer holding the bag and collector still with empty spaces on their memorabilia.

“I would never consider working with Dykstra again,” promoter Eric Poppel told “I firmly believe he has mental health issues and needs to get the proper aid.”

Poppel says it’s not the first time Dykstra has burned him.

Even the man who was representing Dykstra when the deal was apparently struck has no use for the former outfielder’s habits.  Read what he said here.