Shops Roll With Changes as Hobby Evolves

The economy is picking up.  But does that guarantee profits for hobby shops?

Not unless they’re willing to adapt.

That goes for card companies too.  The overproduction era of the late 1980s and early 90s may have generated a negative publicity flow over the last few years as kids who collected back then came to realize their cards were essentially worthless when they tried to raise cash.  The increase in “Baseball Cards Are Dead” stories was nothing to sneeze at and with kids moving away from sports cards, Topps tried to change the pace and generate a better vibe with its Attax line.

The colorful packaging…and the interactive presence…has been a hit for the company.  That’s one element of a story airing on Bloomberg News about the ups and downs of an industry geared toward youngsters, but whose biggest fans are older.   Take a look: