Shop Owner To NHL: “You’re Killing My Business!”

The dispute between the National Hockey League and its players continues with no end in sight and the 2012-13 season appears to be in jeopardy.  That’s a bummer for hockey fans.  For guys like Alan Pearson, it’s much more.

Pearson, the owner of Rexan Collectibles in Montreal, has seen his revenues dip while negotiations continue.  No hockey means no one is excited about buying hockey cards, hockey autographs, signed jerseys or team jackets.

Frustrated about the league’s second work stoppage in eight years, Pearson took to YouTube.  He recorded a video assailing the two sides for the stalemate.

“I’m putting a face to the people that you’re hurting,” he says in the 2:49 piece taped inside his shop.

At the end of the video he makes what seems like a tongue-in-cheek request for free autographs and donations from the players so he can stay open past the end of the year.

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