Shop Owner Collecting Vick Memorabilia..for the Dump

One Texas sports card and memorabilia shop owner is no fan of Michael Vick after the feds charged the QB with dogfighting offenses.

The Chicago shop owner who began protesting Barry Bonds’ imminent passage of Hank Aaron by eliminating Bonds’ items from his inventory and sending them up in flames has some company.

Brian Gray isn’t a big time dealer. But the owner of American Icons in Frisco, Texas says Michael Vick is no icon. He’s sacrificing a pricey Vick photo to take a stand against cruelty to animals.

Now, he’s asking his customers to add their own Vick cards, jerseys and other items to a big pile headed for the garbage –or a bonfire.

Donruss and Upper Deck have already dumped Vick from their future plans, but one Orange County Register columnist says the corporate outrage smacks of a double standard.

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