Shipping Rates Go Up: Packages to Canada Rise 58%

Shipping internationally isn’t that tough, but the U.S. Postal Service just made it more expensive to get your north of the border buyer’s packages delivered.

On Monday, the new USPS rates went up, and although the announcement was made weeks ago, the real effect wasn’t known until Americans dropped in and handed packages over to the counter clerks.

While domestic postage went up a penny and some new services are being included free of charge to package shipping, U.S. residents shipping packages to Canada are now paying a whopping 58% more than they were last week.  Your shipment will now come with free delivery confirmation but a one pound package that used to cost $5.75 to go over the border is now $9.50.  Cards shipped in bubble mailers are also seeing a major hike.

The good news?

  • First-Class Flats/Large Envelopes like bubble mailers will increase only two cents from $0.90 to $0.92 for the first ounce. Each additional ounce will cost an extra $0.20 (no change).
  • You can go cheap on U.S. shipments and use ‘Standard Post’, formerly Parcel Post and get that free delivery confirmation for a little peace of mind.
  • You can also mail a one ounce letter to any country in the world for $1.10 which means if you’re really good at packing a single without bumping up the weight, you can send your Alex Ovechkin card to Russia pretty cheaply.

New USPS Products and Services for 2013


• Parcel Post is being renamed Standard Post and will only be available for purchase at the Post Office. The mail class will now include free Delivery Confirmation.

• Parcel Select is replacing Parcel Post for online postage vendors .


• A First-Class Mail Global Forever Stamp is being introduced to send a one ounce letter or postcard to any country in the world for $1.10.

• Express Mail International Flat Rate Envelope weight limit has been reduced from 20 lbs. to 4 lbs.

• Express Mail International insurance coverage will be increased to $200 from $100. The coverage is included for free.

• For Priority Mail International Flat Rate service, a special rate will be offered for delivery service to Canada. Mexico is now included with all other countries.

• First-Class Mail International packages will be renamed First-Class Package International Service. The service now includes Commercial Base discounts of up to 10% off retail rates.

• First-Class Package International Service will include free electronic USPS Delivery Confirmation International for packages being delivered to Canada. Additional countries will be added throughout 2013.