Set Up an Online Store in 30 Minutes..Free

A Canadian company is hoping to simplify the process for selling things online–including baseball cards and sports memorabilia.

It’s not easy to take on eBay or some of the other established sites that will help you sell inventory. That’s not stopping a small Canadian company from launching

The site aims to create on-line stores for the masses without the fees that have made it more of a challenge in recent months. The Indianapolis Star newspaper used Shopify to set up a store to sell Super Bowl memorabilia after the Colts’ win last weekend. Shopify handled hundreds of thousands of visitors to the paper’s site in the hours after the game, ringing up more than $100,000 US in sales in a single day.

By pointing and clicking, a user can set up an Internet store in less than 30 minutes. All the user needs to do is add inventory; the software takes care of everything else, including processing orders.

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