Selling Stuff on Your Website? Need Traffic? Try This

If you’re thinking about starting a sports card and memorabilia website where you can sell your stuff, you’ll have a lot of competition. But there is a way to stand out.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in four months of editing, it’s that driving traffic to your site is the biggest challenge.

If you have–or are thinking of starting–an on-line sports memorabilia business, think beyond descriptions of cards and prices. You have to encourage people to choose YOU rather than the guy down the Google list of outlets (want a sobering experience? Type in "baseball cards" in the search box and see how many results you get). You’ve got to stand out to the automated search engines and give people a reason to find you. One blogger has the answer. According to one blogger in he know, CONTENT is the key.

Oh…and if you like the story but haven’t a clue how to provide content, we may be able to help. Use the contact form on the home page if you have a large e-commerce or service-oriented site.