Selling on Pawn Stars

Joe Aurelio is a Chicago collector who decided to head to Las Vegas for a little vacation back in March.  Rather than spend all of his time on the strip, he packed along a couple of pieces of sports memorabilia and checked in with the producers of the TV show Pawn Stars.

Maybe it was the free pizza he passed out from his restaurant in Vegas.  Maybe it was the uniqueness of the items he had, but Aurelio caught the eye of those who decide who goes on the air.

The pizza chain owner brought along two molds originally used to make plastic busts of John McGraw and Joe DiMaggio that were part of a series sold at ballparks throughout the country and in Cooperstown during the mid-1960s.  Aurelio bought them at auction through Leland’s about 20 years ago.

The producers picked him for the show, so in April he flew back out to tape his segment, an episode titled “Thirty Something” that began airing earlier this month.

So what’s it like?  He talked about it with the Herald-News in suburban Chicago.



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