Sellers Giving Amazon a Go

Not just an online book and music exchange anymore, has made a push at attracting a wide variety of sellers including those who maintain a stock of sports cards and memorabilia.

While most collectors and dealers are now familiar with how to sell on eBay, a much smaller number offer their wares on Amazon.  The company doesn’t offer online auctions like eBay does, but it does offer an impressive online reach.

How do you sell on Amazon?  Click this link which offers an overview of the program for small volume and professional sellers.

Just below the ‘welcome’ on the page, you’ll need to list the items you are selling in one of the categories given, to organize your items on. You can choose from a number of different options like Sporting Goods, Books etc. and finally ‘Everything else’.   Most sports cards and memorabilia go through the Sporting Goods or Toys categories (Amazon isn’t nearly as deep as eBay when it comes to categories).

If you’re having doubts about which category you need to place your item in, just search the keywords of the item you’re selling and this will give you the exact place for it Amazon’s website. Once you’re done with this, click on ‘start selling’.

After this, to sell on Amazon you will be required to make a verification of the item you are selling and also select the condition of the item you are putting on sale as well as give a comment about its condition if you wish.

Next, you have to fill in a bit of information like the price of your item, the number of items you want to sell on Amazon, your address, and the shipping method you’d like to choose. Don’t worry about the cost for shipping the goods, Amazon takes pretty good care of that buy giving you preset credits for it.

Now, you need to sign in. If you already have an account on Amazon, go ahead. Otherwise, create one right away. Once you’ve done this, just click the ‘submit your listing’ button below, to finalize everything and finally officially put up your items for sale.

When a buyer fancies the item you are selling, he or she makes the payment to Amazon.  Amazon notifies you   via email right away and gives you  step by step instructions of what to do next.

Once the buyer receives the item, he will notify Amazon, which will then release the payment for your article, as well as give you some extra credits for the shipping procedure. Amazon will however cut a small amount of fee from your money. That’s how the mutual understanding works.