Second Wave of Yankee Stadium Memorabilia Released

The ongoing Yankee Stadium garage sale continues with lockers and other items now up for bid.

More pieces of Yankee Stadium memorabilia are about to be sold to the highest bidder.

Yankees-Steiner Collectibles has introduced a second lot of items in its summer-long Yankee Stadium auction.

The newest additions include:

* Official lockers once used by current Yankees players including Alex Rodriguez (minimum bid=$25,000), Andy Pettitte and Hideki Matsui.

* World Championship carpeting removed from the front offices at the original ballpark. Every piece of carpet displays a different year of each of the franchise’s 26 World Series Championships.

Closing on Sunday, July 26 between 8 p.m. – 1 p.m. ET, the "Yankee Stadium Legends" auction features a total of 1,500 pieces.

The first batch of items was released in May after Steiner and the Yankees reached an $11.5 million deal with the city of New York to sell off the remaining items from the ballpark.

In addition to the online auction, Steiner is still holding its outright sale of original Yankee Stadium memorabilia including seats, dirt, sod and bricks from the team’s former home in the Bronx.

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