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Second Big Hit from 2014 Bowman Sold

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The Kris Bryant 2014 Bowman autographed Superfractor redemption card that was pulled from a pack recently and placed up for sale on eBay has been sold according to the owner, Hawthorne Collectibles.

The card had been listed for $24,999.99 but the auction was ended May 13 and the card was then sold to a private collector offline.  The actual selling price wasn’t disclosed.  According to Hawthorne, the buyer will be flying to Texas, where they are based, and picking up the card in person.

2014 Bowman Kris Bryant Superfractor autographBryant, a Cubs minor leaguer, is one of the more promising prospects in Bowman and the 1/1 Superfractor is one of the two biggest hits in the product.  The card was not signed in time for Topps to get it into Bowman packs as a live hit.

The 1/1 Jose Abreu Superfractor auto was sold recently to Pastime Card Company.    Collectors will have a chance Jose Abreu 2014 Bowman Superfractor 1-1to pull the card, which has an estimated value of $16,000, when it is inserted into the company’s ‘Bases Loaded’ repack product.

Pastime acquired the Superfractor Autograph from a collector in Florida who pulled the card a day after 2014 Bowman Baseball released late last month.

“We are extremely excited to give collectors a second chance at this amazing card,” said Pastime Card Company President, Mark Bowden. “Pastime is committed to offering more value on a per-box basis than any other repackage product on the market. With 2014 Pastime Bases Loaded’s limited print run, collectors will have a much easier opportunity of finding the year’s top card.”

Releasing in July, each box guarantees two total rookies or autographs. Boxes also have one of the following: another rookie or autograph, a one-of-one Pastime Portrait Art card, a redemption for a piece of memorabilia or a Pastime 1-Year Anniversary card. Those who collect ten 1-Year Anniversary cards can redeem them for an autographed jersey of a Hall of Famer.

2014 Pastime Bases Loaded is limited to  850 boxes (85 ten-box cases).

A non-autographed 1/1 2014 Bryant Superfractor Mini card available recently sold on eBay for $1,750.  See that one here.

See the ‘most watched’ 2014 Bowman baseball cards on eBay below.

2014 Bowman Chrome Luke Jackson Superfractor Auto 1/1 Autograph BGS 9/9
12 bids - Price: $67.00 - Watchers: 45
Item # 111527331754
2014 Bowman Chrome Josh Hader Red Refractor Auto BGS Pristine 10/10 Autograph /5
25 bids - Price: $89.00 - Watchers: 35
Item # 111527329282
15 bids - Price: $600.00 - Watchers: 27
Item # 390985276651
Masahiro Tanaka RC 1/1 Superfractor Gold Mini-Die Cut 2014 Bowman Chrome YANKEES
24 bids - Price: $300.00 - Watchers: 26
Item # 161498290316
Bgs 10 2014 Bowman Chrome Orange Auto Juan Silva & BGS 9 Kris Bryant Lot 1 Day
11 bids - Price: $123.51 - Watchers: 24
Item # 171559857361
2014 Bowman Baseball "lucky Redemption #1" Kris Bryant Chrome Auto Refractor/500
8 bids - Price: $222.51 - Watchers: 24
Item # 231401105037
9 bids - Price: $56.00 - Watchers: 22
Item # 291304104677
BGS 9.5/10 2014 Bowman Chrome Blue Wave Refractor Julio Urias Auto RC /50
12 bids - Price: $228.99 - Watchers: 22
Item # 201225409946
2014 Bowman Chrome Kris Bryant BGS 9.5 Gem 10 Auto Rookie Card - SP Cubs!
11 bids - Price: $199.50 - Watchers: 21
Item # 201219921405
2014 Bowman Chrome Prospect Pink Refractor set Redemption Card
6 bids - Price: $78.77 - Watchers: 20
Item # 191423134752
Kris Bryant 2014 Bowman Chrome Prospect Auto RC
1 bids - Price: $99.00 - Watchers: 19
Item # 261677952173
2014 Bowman Chrome Prospect Autographs Jose Abreu AUTO RC
19 bids - Price: $53.00 - Watchers: 19
Item # 221613612350
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