Second 1976 IU Championship Ring Offered

$50,000 wasn’t enough for one seller, but it would do just fine for another, who’s hawking the second ’76 Hoosiers title ring to appear on eBay in the last week and a half.

Suddenly, Indiana University basketball championship rings are popping up on eBay in numbers.

1976 Indiana Hoosiers NCAA Championship ring A 1976 Indiana University championship ring from the school’s famous undefeated season ended it’s run on eBay this weekend after being acquired at an estate sale. A high bid of $50,100 was made but did not meet the Austin, TX based seller’s reserve.

Now, likley motivated by the publicity and resulting bids, a second ring has surfaced on eBay, this one belonging to a player on that team. The seller, Championship Sports Rings, has a $32,019.76 minimum bid but this one comes without a reserve price.

In an e-mail exchange with the Associated Press, the seller said he acquired the IU ring secondhand, not directly from the player, and that he has bought and sold other rings.

"I don’t do this for a living; it’s just a serious hobby," he told AP. "I am sure I will get a ton of e-mails saying they can’t believe that someone from the 1976 team would ever sell their ring. It does happen for whatever reason."

Bob Knight claims the undefeated 1976 Indiana Hoosiers weren’t his best team ever. That distinction, Knight claims, belongs to the ’75 Hoosiers who were probably also on their way to a national title before star Scott May’s injury cost them a shot at glory.

Kent Benson was the center on that ’76 IU team, telling the Indianapolis Star "It’s not my place to judge why someone would want to sell it, but obviously the ring wouldn’t mean the same to someone else as it would to coach Andreas," eam Benson said. "All I know is that my ring stays on my finger most of the time. I wear it with pride. It’s definitely a conversation piece.

"Wherever I go, people recognize it and I get asked about it all the time."

There are at least 25 1976 national championship rings in existence. There were 13 players on the team, plus coaches, managers and support staff. Radio play-by-play announcer Don Fischer, for example, owns national championship rings for ’76, ’81 and ’87.

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