Seattle Card Store Burglary Suspect Caught on Cam

The owners of a sports card shop in Seattle had good security cameras, but the pictures haven’t been enough to bring the person who robbed them to justice.  Around 7 a.m. on September 13, a man got inside Lake City Card Exchange and stole about $30,000 worth of vintage sports cards.

This was no smash and grab quickie.  The burglar had the place to himself as he picked out whatever he wanted, put it in a garbage can and took off.

The thief knew what he was doing.  Mountains of boxes and newer insert cards were left behind.

It was all caught on camera.  The store’s owner, Ryter Von DiFloe, and his wife, Camille, have video of a white man in his last 20s reaching inside display cases and pulling out their most valuable cards, then breaking another case with a hammer when he couldn’t unlock it. Vintage Mickey Mantle cards are among those taken.  Older complete sets are also missing, although calls to police didn’t turn up a report, let alone a list of specifically what’s missing.

Nearly seven weeks have passed since the burglary and no suspect has been arrested.

Kirsten Joyce of Fox affiliate KCPQ-TV has the full story, including the video.