Search for Thomson’s Home Run Ball Becomes Film

It’s one of the sports memorabilia world’s holy grails.  The ball hit by Bobby Thomson to hand the 1951 National League pennant to the New York Giants may be out there somewhere.  Or not.

The fact is, no one has been able to prove they have it.  It wasn’t a big deal nearly 60 years ago–the game was all anyone talked about.  Its whereabouts have been a mystery.

One New Yorker claimed numerous times to have it, but it’s not likely.  Jack Biegel’s claim and the search for the ball were at the heart of a 2009 book by his son Brian…although the book became a little heavier than that and focused on more personal matters.  Now, the book has become a documentary film.

It’s a little different from the book and focuses more on the actual hunt for the ball, which includes police detective work, photograph analysis and at least one theory on who actually brought it home that day.

Brian Biegel is the man behind that as well.  It debuted at the Long Island Film Festival on Saturday.  Read more about it and catch the film’s trailer here.