Search For Obscure Card of Family Friend Finally Pays Off

Bill Harp was on a mission.  The Texas man was looking for a  baseball card of an old family friend, hoping to surprise him .

It wasn’t an easy task.

He knew George Owen III had played in the minor leagues during the early 1950s and he thought perhaps somewhere along the line, even in the low minors, that he’d been featured on a trading card.

Harp wrote Sports Collectors Daily and dozens of others in the hobby.  He made about 30 phone calls over the course of two weeks, hoping for information that would lead to the discovery of a card, some newspaper clippings or anything having to do with the pro career of his friend, who had just turned 86 years old.

George III was the son of George Owen II,  who was a great athlete at Harvard, a member of the Stanley Cup Champion 1929 Boston Bruins and later a big league scout .

George III was glad to have played baseball professionally, but knew it was time to get out by the mid-1950s.  Still, shouldn’t anyone who played pro ball have a copy of their own card?  Harp thought so.

Finally, Mark Bowers, a private collector in California, came through as told in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.