Seamstresses Keep Packers Looking Sharp

In an era when we’re led to believe each pro sports team changes jerseys virtually every game, the Green Bay Packers are proving that’s not always the case.

When it comes to their home green and away white jerseys, things are definitely old school when it comes to Packer jerseys.

The Packers literally employ a stable of seamstresses to take needle and thread, toothbrushes and whatever else it takes to repair their game jerseys.  The ladies of Marge’s Pro Sewing take immense pride in their work as they make the two home and away shirts each player is issued looking like new.

Yes, we said two.

Even if that doesn’t take into account the occasional special request or throwback jerseys they wear at least once each year, think about that the next time you see multiple “game worn” Clay Matthews or Aaron Rodgers  jerseys up for sale.

Truth be told, teams don’t treat their game jerseys like throwaway items.  They’re too expensive when you’re talking about outfitting a 53-man roster every year and new players coming and going throughout the season.  Plus, players develop a certain comfort level with a jersey and want to keep it as long as they possibly can.

Game worn collectors will find the story and video from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel especially interesting.