Scoring Free Stuff from Big League Games

If you prefer your baseball memorabilia to be of the cost-free variety, there’s a new book coming out aimed at helping you learn the tricks of the trade.

Every baseball fan hopes that they will be “Taking Home A Piece Of The Game” when they go to a Major League Baseball game. Fan’s hope to get an autograph, catch a foul ball or maybe even catch a milestone home run ball. Now there is a book out there that promises to help every baseball fan or collector do it.

Through a blend of tips, information and personal stories, Major League "ballhawk" John Witt offers his insight. John Witt has caught 4,868 baseballs at Major League games over the past 32 years. 2,829 of those baseballs were caught at regular season MLB games and 99 of those were game home runs. Witt has also collected 1000’s of autographs, game used items and other various goodies as well.

Taking Home A Piece Of The Game is a fan’s guide on how to come home with something free at a Major League Baseball game. The book offers tips on what items to take to the ballpark and helps put together a plan of attack on game day.

Witt shares stories about some of the more memorable home run balls that he has landed over the years. One happened during the home run craze of 1998 when he snared Sammy Sosa’s 61st home run on Waveland Avenue outside of Wrigley Field in Chicago. Witt has also caught home runs hit by Eddie Murray from both sides of the plate in the same game in 1987, the last roof-top home run at Old Comiskey Park and even a Mike Schmidt home run ball at his first game at Dodger Stadium.

In the back of the book there are photos of some of the “Pieces of the Game” that Witt snagged in 2008. He also offers information on “Ballhawking 101” which is where fans can go to a baseball game to put all of the tips and information to use. Witt guarantees that fans will get a baseball at the game or the fan will receive a full 100% refund of the “Ballhawking 101” fee.