Sawchuk Family Still Seeks NHL Rings

Terry Sawchuk has been gone for nearly 40 years and so have his two Stanley Cup rings.


He was one of the greatest goalies in NHL history and when Terry Sawchuk died after a violent off-ice altercation with a teammate in 1970, shock waves spread across the league.

Sawchuk was past his prime by then, but the long-time goalie left an indelible mark on the game. He won four Stanley Cups and owned two rings–one for 1955 with Detroit and the other for the Toronto Maple Leafs ’67 title.

A year after he died at age 40, those rings were stolen when thieves broke into the family’s Detroit area home. With their dad back in the news after his career shutout record was broken by Martin Brodeur, the family is scouring shows and the internet just to see if the rings might turn up.

It’s a cold case, but the family told the Toronto Star they haven’t given up.